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Securing Children's Progress in KS1

A three-part webinar package exploring effective teaching in Y1 & Y2


Join us for this programme of three webinars which have been designed to provide CPD opportunities for your KS1 team to review and develop their approach to teaching and learning.

Each 90-minute webinar focuses on key aspects of pedagogy with new ideas and inspiration for practice and provision. There will be recommended pre-course and gap tasks to undertake to maximise impact, and you will also receive additional resources to use back in school and to enrich your learning.

Part 1: Revisiting and Embedding Learning

Consider how to embed curriculum links and deepen learning through incidental learning, classroom routines and procedures and how to plan effective enhancements for provision.

Part 2: The Role of the Adult

Explore the varied role of the adult as children work with provision and consider how to achieve a balance between adult led and child led learning, through responsive planning and timetabling.  

Part 3: How to Evidence Learning and Demonstrate Progress in KS1

Examine ways to ensure progression through Years One and Two by supporting children to plan, assess and evidence their learning in increasingly sophisticated ways and with growing levels of independence. 


  • Develop practical strategies to embed the KS1 curriculum into your provision

  • Refresh your knowledge of the adult role in KS1 practice, exploring the balance between adult led and child led learning

  • Explore a range of strategies for recording and evidencing children’s learning and progress in KS1


This course is an extension to our Rethinking KS1 Webinar Package and is for those looking to consolidate and extend working with provision in KS1


Live Webinar Package - £135 per person excl. VAT

Recording - £135 per person excl. VAT

Please note that our online training courses are priced per person and multiple viewings of a course will be charged.

Dates and Times

Autumn 2023 

Live Webinar Package

Part 1: Thursday 28th September
Part 2: Thursday 12th October
Part 3: Thursday 2nd November
9:30am - 11:00am

Suggested Extension Courses

Rethinking Practice in KS1

Prior to the Securing Children's Progress in KS1 Webinar Package, we would recommend that you first complete the Rethinking KS1 Practice in KS1 Webinar package. This introductory three-part package is designed for those looking to establish provision in KS1. Focusing on key principles, consider how to plan your space and prioritise areas to enable children to make progress and explore how to use effective continuous provision to support the demands of the KS1 curriculum and provide rich opportunities for challenge.

Exploring Enquiry Based Learning In KS1

This three-part webinar  follows on from the Securing Children's Progress in KS1 Webinar Package. It is aimed at KS1 teams who have established effective Continuous Provision and are looking to consolidate and extend ways of working that provide contexts for meaningful learning enquiries, with real purposes and audiences.

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