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Support for ECTs Working in the EYFS

Early Career Teacher Programme: Beginning the Journey in the Early Years


Embarking on a teaching career comes with exciting opportunities, as well as challenges; not least for those who are starting the journey working in the Early Years. To supplement the DfE/National ECT Training Programme, we have put together a unique and comprehensive programme of online CPD designed to specifically support ECTs in the EYFS helping them to develop their knowledge and practice of this complex key stage, whilst building their professional identity as a teacher.

Structured around three core themes of the EYFS, the Child, the Environment, and the Adult; the programme draws on the latest research relating to child development, unpicks the key messages of the EYFS and provides a range of practical tools to guide participants through their first year of teaching.


Programme Structure

Module One: The Child

What ECTs need to know…

  • Exploring Child Development – Spotlight on the Prime Areas

  • How Young Children Learn – Exploring the Characteristics of Effective Learning, Well-being and Involvement

  • Unpicking the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory framework

  • Reflecting on Curriculum


Module Two: The Environment

What ECTs need to do…

  • Indoors – Developing effective Continuous Provision

  • Outdoors – Developing effective Continuous Provision


Module Three: The Adult

What ECTs need to know and do…

  • Exploring Enhanced Provision

  • Strengthening the Role of the Adult

  • Understanding Assessment in the Early Years


In addition to webinars, gap tasks and resources for ECTS, the programme includes support for Mentors. A range of tools and resources have been specifically designed to help the Mentor and ECT to engage in professional dialogue about effective EYFS provision and practice. This includes a webinar for Mentors which outlines the programme contents, a range of professional development activities, and bitesize mentor sessions which focus on the key learning the ECTs will be undertaking.



  • Develop a clear understanding of effective EYFS pedagogy and the rationale

  • Be guided through the programme by an experienced EYFS consultant

  • Access a wealth of training materials and practical ideas at the press of a button

  • Gain downloadable support materials to prompt discussion, encourage reflection and strengthen practice

  • Develop an effective learning partnership with colleagues


We know that this is just the start of the journey, so keep a look out for our Year Two ECT programme. 


ECTs working in the EYFS and their mentors


Online Learning Programme - £395 per school excl. VAT

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