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Confidently Leading in KS1

An in-depth course designed for KS1 leaders who want to develop effective practice across their team


Join us for this in-depth course, delivered either over two days or as a five-part webinar package, designed to explore the key responsibilities of this exciting and challenging role.

The course focuses on key aspects of leading KS1, enabling participants to gain a clear understanding of high-quality practice and their own role in improving teaching and learning. We will cover the following key elements as we support Leaders to gain knowledge and develop their role.

This course covers:

The KS1 Learner

Examine what research and data tell us about the development of 5, 6 & 7-year-old children, how they learn best and how this should be reflected in our practice.

The KS1 Environment

Establish a clear view of what constitutes an effective learning environment for Y1 and Y2 children.

Evidencing Learning and Assessing Progress

Consider how to ensure that KS1 children are challenged to evidence their learning in increasingly sophisticated ways.


  • Confidently understand what denotes quality provision and practice

  • Access tools to use as part of staff development or mentoring

  • Practical ideas to help you strategically manage your role


New KS1 leaders & current KS1 leaders


Face to Face Course - £250 per person excl. VAT

Live Webinar Package - £250 per person excl. VAT

Please note that our online training courses are priced per person and multiple viewings of a course will be charged.

Dates and Times

Spring 2024

Face to Face Course

Halifax - The Early Excellence Studio, HX5 0EE
Day 1: Tuesday 6th February
Day 2: Tuesday 13th February
9:30am - 3:30pm


*Please Note - Lunch will not be provided when attending Face to Face Courses, please ensure you bring a packed lunch to the course.


Live Webinar Package

Part 1: Friday 19th January
Part 2: Friday 26th January
Part 3: Friday 6th February
Part 4: Friday 1st March
Part 5: Friday 15th March
9:30am - 11:00am


Autumn 2024

Live Webinar Package

Part 1: Tuesday 1st October
Part 2: Tuesday 15th October
Part 3: Tuesday 5th November
Part 4: Tuesday 19th November
Part 5: Tuesday 3rd December
9:30am - 11:00am

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