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Every Child, Every Day: Supporting Children with SEND in the Early Years

How to be a champion of SEND in the Early Years


At the heart of the EYFS lies the principle of the ‘Unique Child’ and how we need to value all children’s interests and understand their needs as a learner. This requires us as practitioners to ensure that we create environments that are truly accessible and inclusive to all, and that we have the knowledge and expertise to support learning through skilful interaction and assessment. In this course, we will explore how we can be the best possible learning partner for children with SEND. Drawing on examples of best practice, this course will look at practical ways for you to develop your provision meaningfully and appropriately, your curriculum and your team.


Delivered as either a full day face-to-face event, or as three webinars, the course covers:

A Unique Child

Reflect on key aspects of child-development, consider how we identify SEND at an early age within a setting, explore a range of needs children may require additional support with within the four areas of difficulty and how these can be met through quality first teaching and supportive play.

This session will also look at how best to assess a child with SEND and the need to measure progress in smaller steps.

An Enabling Environment

Explore how we can ensure that our environment meets the needs of all the children in it, how can we support all children to access resources independently and best provide physical areas for children who need extra support within the setting.

Positive Relationships

Reflect about how children learn and how can we support this process for children with SEND so that knowledge and skills are retained and built upon. For children with SEND we will explore how to adapt the ‘I do’, ‘we do’, ‘you do’ model of learning according to need in a way that will benefit all children. Every practitioner is a practitioner of SEND, so we will find out how you can develop as an individual to meet the needs of all children in your setting.

We will also explore how we successfully develop positive relationships with parents who are navigating a complex personal journey on learning that their child has SEND. We will examine strategies to enable us have difficult, yet supportive conversations with parents, providing clarity regarding what they should expect from the SEND process and their part in it.



  • Gain a deeper understanding of SEND in the Early Years

  • Explore ways to develop a truly accessible and inclusive learning environment

  • Consider strategies to improve the quality of teaching and assessment for children with SEND

  • Become more skilled at supporting parents of children with SEND and ensuring they are key stakeholders in decision-making for their child


SENCOs, EYFS Leaders


Face to Face Course - £145 per person excl. VAT

Dates and Times

Autumn 2024

Face to Face Course

Derby - Harrington Nursery School, DE23 8PE
Tuesday 15th October
9:30am - 3:30pm


*Please Note - Lunch will not be provided when attending Face to Face Courses, please ensure you bring a packed lunch to the course.

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